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Delightful Turkish street market along the Landwehrkanal

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Turkish Market. What a delight! Before we moved here we used to read about this place and imagine a huge market hall full of stalls. Well, it is not that. The Turkish market in Berlin is a street market. A nice one, by the way. Whether you live in Berlin and want to get some fresh produce and spices or if you are visiting the city, this is surely a great way to spend a couple of hours. If you come here to shop, make sure to haggle a little for the right price. It is fun.

This Turkish Market is located in the heart of Berlin (Kreuzberg just off Kottbusser Tor). To get here hop either on the U1 (Kottbusser Tor Station) or the U8 (Schönleinstrasse Station). You can’t miss it. It takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11 AM to 6:30PM. Even during the winter months.

Hundreds of stalls sell Turkish food staples, fresh vegetables and fruits, amazing cheese, sweets and household items (not all of them are Turkish, by the way). Obviously, the earlier you get here, the better the quality of the items will be. And it will be less hectic!

Locals complain that it has become a little too touristy for their taste. Well…how could it not? It is just that kind of a place! We don’t mind and actually find that the tourists add to the experience. Except when you are trying to buy something and you encounter someone taking endless pictures of the item you are trying to buy. One piece of advice: relax, you are in Berlin!

As with every street market you will find great eats/items and also crappy ones at the Turkish Market. Be adventurous. You will probably buy something crappy and something really great. It is part of the game! We always end up having some Turkish stew from one of the Anatolian ladies at Mamas Food Manufactur (they are actually all over town). Another favourite is the Jalapeño Börek and the Gözleme (Turkish stuffed pastries) from some of the pastry stalls. Take a risk! It may just pay off.

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What we like to do at the Turkish Market: Explore and eat! We particularly love the Jalapeño Börek (from the pastry vendors) and the Stews from the Anatolian ladies!


Address: Maybachufer, 10999 Berlin


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TURKISH MARKET 52.495219, 13.422117 Maybachufer 10999, Berlin, Germany (Directions)

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