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Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) is the award-winning news outlet that reaches the American Chemical Society’s vast membership of 156,000 scientists, as well as the worldwide chemistry community in academia, industry and beyond. Through its website and weekly print newsmagazine, C&EN covers the latest research advances, business trends, chemical safety data, career information and more.

The C&EN Media Group provides advertising opportunities targeted to this large, powerful audience. C&EN’s integrated advertising network includes robust lead generation programs, unique print advertising opportunities, such as our in-house native advertising studio, C&EN BrandLab, and access to over 50 scientific research journals that attract more than 27 million scientists, engineers, and R&D professionals around the globe.

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5 Nontraditional Print Advertising Strategies [White Paper]

When it comes to engaging your target audience, building brand awareness and demonstrating the value of your products, print advertising can be one of the strongest marketing tools in your corner. In fact, a 2016 C&EN survey asked recipients about actions taken from promotions. Print ads turned out to be the number one driver to […]

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Your Neuromarketing Guide – A New Series to Reach Your Target Audience

“I wish I could read the minds of my wish list clients and know exactly what they were looking for. Then I would build my marketing strategy around that information.” This was something a client once said to us. He was an extremely successful founder of a health and technology business with clients and partners […]

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[Infographic] Quick Tips for Creating Your New White Paper

As science marketers, how do you create a white paper to drive your audiences to action? Take a look at the latest infographic for a quick review. For even more how-to and best practices, download the white paper on white papers, at C&EN Media Group Infographic  

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